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Nice mixing. super feel good track

very chill

solid riff and i'm really enjoying the filtered? guitar

clean solo with good delay

the drumkit was abrasive to me at first but it doesn't bother me until you bring it back in @3:00.... it's a preference but It just sounds too fake next to all the other really nice sounds you have going on.

yeah man I mean this guitar track really beautiful imho the drumkit is doing you a disservice.... a lot of people would probably disagree with me on this but i'd rather hear you hit on pots and pans because even in your statement about meditation you talk about letting things come and go but that's not possible with a completely artificial drumkit.... it holds the track down to an artificial kit

whatever man that's my two cents really nice track... really enjoyed the guitar some very chill vibes and played with delicately in post (or was the delay from an amp or pedal?) whatever you did good work

Ceevro responds:

Yeah, I'm doing some tweaks with the percs as we speak...I won't go full-kitchen kit on this one...but yes, there are some improvements to be made.

I love reverb. I love reverb on piano. The reverse piano sounds lovely. The chord progression is solid. I want to hear a melodic line with it. I like the high notes that start around 2:35... very pretty. And what comes after is beautiful.

The strongest melodic line is 2:35 to 3:20. I would have liked to hear a piano solo... maybe @ 4:00... where the melodic line is supported by the rhythm instead of visa versa.

I think some percussion could fit well into this piece. Some reverse-effected cymbals and such. Maybe even a vocal chorus... that would be fun to mess around with.... with some lyrics too. You chose to have this be a solo instrumental track... but something to think about.

Good work, sir!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I love reberb too, especially on the piano as well! I always need to watch myself, so that I don't use too much xD
I'm so pleased with the reception of the reverse piano! I was a bit worried that only I'd like it at first, but it'd seem like a lot of people are digging it.

Yeah, I get that you'd like to hear a bit more melody in this. Usually, my piano solo tracks are very melodic (take this one for an example: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/661299). But now and then, I like to compose something that works on a more atmospheric level. That is, it sets a mood, uses interesting chords and patterns that work well together, etc. But I didn't want to leave you entirely without a melody, which is why the second half of the track puts more focus on that aspect. Also, I had to try to remain true to broove's style :)

That said, I think there is a melody throughout the entire piece, but it's not repetitive, and it goes along with the rhythm. But I do play the chords in a certain way, which makes for some notes that gain more emphasis than others. My favorite part of this piece is actually 1:45-2:00. Which is interesting, as I think that that part is improvised. It's not complicated, but it was a lucky strike on my part. It puts so much weight on just the right things :p

I could've added some other instruments, I guess. But I didn't have too much time. Other than that, this is my first test go with the reverse piano effect, so I didn't want to mess it up. I actually asked a few people whether I should add anything or not before uploading, and they all thought it sounded good as it is :3

It would be fun to mess around with it more though!

Thanks a lot for your review, and your ideas :D

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Ominous. The one eye. This robot has it's objectives clear. It's a fucking robot. It looks very strong and muscular. I wouldn't want to fuck with this robot.

The pipes look like legs. I'm reminded of Miyazaki's Howls Moving Castle. The city looks so clustered together but i'm more interested in what's going underground... which isn't much. Where do the pipes lead to? This is well drawn but the if the focus is the underground why is there more detail put into the city?

MintyFreshThoughts responds:

Great feedback friend! I love to hear these kinds of questions. My original thought when I began drawing this, was to essentially create a city and what the system might look like underground. I know I could have put a lot more detail and focus as of what really is hidden underground. However I just kept drawing and kind of focused in on the city details rather than anything below that. I would actually like to redo this sketch again, but with more intricate details given below the surface. Maybe with the pipes leading to something even bigger. A creature perhaps? Could be anything. As for now, I agree 100% on your constructive criticism. Thanks again friend.

The buckle does look strange but I think it has more to do with the belt. It's thick and wide and seems separate from the rest of her outfit. Also her body is very straight! Her coat edges are so straight that she looks like a pencil and her coat looks stiff.

I love the background! The clockpost next to the lamppost.... is creative. And why the fuck is that traffic cone green? I've never seen a green traffic cone. I like the way you blend colors with a sort of blurred air-brushy quality.

Good work.



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